Subject RE: [IB-Architect] GBAK processing
Author David Schnepper
Markus --

My memory was that the following would work on Unix (not NT, Novell, etc)
- Create a shadow, wait until it completes.
- Hard link to each of the shadow files
- Detach the shadow (which rm's InterBase's created file links)

The remaining links give you your consistant physical backup.

Note: This is a *physical* backup -- meaning that corrupted pages, indices,
etc, are corrupted in the backup as well. And it doesn't work for moving
data to another OS.
(eg: there's no excuse for avoiding speedups in Gbak...)


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Subject: Re: [IB-Architect] GBAK processing

At 11:58 AM 4/26/00 -0700, Markus Kemper wrote:
>> Yuck.
>> Would a better solution be a mechanism to create and
>> detach a shadowed copy? Unlike the gbak case it would
>> be a complete usable copy.
>I agree with the 'yuck' factor. The previous suggestions
>were made with the current available functionality in mind.
>Simply an option available today. I experimented with the
>Shadow idea above a bit with Dalton Calford but, we
>discovered that you could not decouple a shadow from the
>main database without destroying it. At least that's what
>I remember....

Well, dammit, lets fix that.

Jim Starkey

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