Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Is there really any way...?
Author Jim Starkey
At 10:49 PM 4/26/00 +0800, Joseph Alba wrote:
>>Doable. But perhaps a little much for an editor.
>>Jim Starkey
>But nice to have a salvage tool around when the unexpected happens. A
>repair/salvage tool could boost confidence in IB for those who are just
>considering making IB part of their lives.

The intention from day 1 (September 4, 1984) was that there would
be a standalone utility to rebuild trashed database (or, as Ann
puts it, rebuild the cow from a pile of hamburger). The gfix
functionality, actually implemented in the engine, does some but
not all of what is possible. A standalone utility would be a
very good first project. Any takers?

Jim Starkey