Subject RE: [IB-Architect] UDF replacement: native shared libraries vs. J ava
Author Doug Chamberlin
At 4/17/00 05:05 AM (Monday), Kim-Bo.Madsen@... wrote:
>Im also developing in Java, and in my opinion one should not use Java for
>such purpose of two reasons... speed and memory requirements.

I agree with Phil.

On the point of memory requirements: I would also like to point out that
you are comparing the memory requirements of a development environment
(JBuilder 3 C/S) with the assumed memory requirements of the Java runtime
environment which would be running on the server. These are far different
environments. JBuilder 3 is known to be a memory hog but Java runtime is not.

On the point of speed: Many have already pointed out how CPU and cache
speed have leap ahead of I/O and disk speed. From my view the relatively
small speed degradation in executing byte code is complete lost in the cost
of doing even one disk I/O. For a database server this is byte code vs.
native code difference would usually be insignificant.