Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Journaling support?
--- In, "Jan Mikkelsen" <janm@t...> wrote:

> Just as an aside, I don't think these features are so useful for
> from hackers: After a successful attack, the whole thing is
suspect anyway.
> I do see that it would be very useful for recovery from wild
I think that an efficient incremental backup combined with
journaling gives you the best protection from Mr. Hacker.
I agree that after successful attack, the whole database is
suspect, but then if you know when the attack occurred, the
best solution is to restore the last backup and apply changes
from the journal, rather than trying to "unroll" the corrupted
file to that point in time. I'm assuming that the last backup
is stored offline, and the journal is sent off to another
location also.
Also, I don't buy the argument that a hacker attack can
be prevented by proper security mechanisms. I think that
disgruntled employees can be far more destructive.

But of course wild applications is probably the highest risk
we face day to day :-)