Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Pros and cons...
Author Markus Kemper
> It is a benefit especially if you are using NT. I agree about the
> dev-time testing of the queries but is strongly data depented. I
> have an installed IDB with 24 users on an 256MB 2x10GB HD on a
> Proliant 3000 PIII -333 and in the begining everything was just
> fine, Now after 8 months, the main printouts of the wearhouse
> system take about 20-25 minutes to execute and all this period the
> NT stays at 100% load and the other users most of the time look
> on an SQL cursor waiting.

The next time this happens please take a look at the database
header page. (eg. gstat -h <db_name>) This could be a data
issue, db design issue, an indexing issue or perhaps a problem
with InterBase. I don't see the ability of killing the query
as a real solution to your problem because you still want the
query to execute quickly. The ability to kill it in this
scenario would be more of an 'emergency' tactic which may be
a good reason to have the functionality.

Is the printout optimized into a stored procedure or view?

> An other case is that there is some kind of database administrator who is
> trying to generate some report with a report builder and produces "bad"
> queries. The problem is that its very easy to produce such a query.

I try to recommend that when persons are 'developing' reports
that they do so on a 'development' server not the live system.
Once satisfied with performance and function, then more the
report into production.

> I have run 10 separate executions of the same VERY heavy query
> both on NT 5.6 (ss) and on Linux 5.6 (cl) against an 10000x4096 page DB
> with 15000 page buffers and the performance on the Linux machine was much
> better

Are the queries optimized with views or stored procedures.
Where they executed with a local connection path.

(eg. connect /db/mydb.gdb vs. connect myserver:/db/mydb.gdb)

> I've also noticed that (I dont know why) most of the times after a period of
> inactivity Linux (RedHad 2.2.12 Kernel)
> througs the proccss (I mean that the gds_inet... does not apoears active if
> use "top")

Is this the case when the client (gds_inet_server) is waiting
on a resonse from a request or is it just sitting idle maintaining
a connection?