Subject Re: Case Studies and more...
Author Louis van Alphen
At 16:07 2000-03-28 -0800, you wrote:
>From: "Markus Kemper" <mkemper@...>
> So tell me what you are doing with IB and let's get it
> up on the web for all to see. :)
> Markus

This is probably not the correct forum destination to send this to, but
just for the heck of it.

Bear in mind that this case study was written 3 years ago and only
partially updated recently.
Have a look at our case study at:
The company where this was installed in 1994 is the largest producer of
ostrich leather in the world with a turnover of > 1000 skins per day.
The DB is currently at 700MByte with tables of 2 Million records...

Interbase is still our DB of choice as we have written a huge set of
internal development tools based on Interbase to increase the speed at
which we develop IB DB apps.

If anyone is interested, I can draw up some kind of material to explain
what we have done.

However, there are some shortcomings in IB 5.6 (incl bugs) that we had some
difficulty in working around.
I am very excited about the Open Source initiative, as I am sure this would
expand the user base and add a tremendous amount of
value to IB as a product.

I have a list of features we would like to see in future IB releases.
Where do I send this wish-list to? ;-)