Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Interbase Culture and Open Source
Author Brice VIDAL
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Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2000 2:07 AM
Subject: Re: [IB-Architect] Interbase Culture and Open Source

> From: "Markus Kemper" <mkemper@...>

> My past customers have told me that it is
> hard to sell InterBase into the upper management layer
> because of name recognition and credibility.

You said it all ! The name is the problem. It is known by very few people.
That's why I asked Ann is she would have been able to put Corel's and/or
Borland's logo on adds : Corel and Borland are among the best known
companies (notice the error made by Dale Yocam when changing the name from
Borland to Inprise).

> How do we best position a product (InterBase) that is
> so very flexible and powerful. Small enough to tuck
> away yet powerful enough to grind it out.

I would say why only one position ? Look at are consuption products do :
they change the packaging and the name and poof two products for two
different targets that are actually the same.

In this case i just remember two build options available in C++Builder :
build to optimize speed or build to optimize size.

I think that IB has to compete the MSSQL / Sybase duo : when it will be
known that IB can do what those two can do, the war will be at 80% won.
This requires some additional features that can be implemented in several
"intelligent ways" (see our previous posts in the thread core vs udf).

Then you simply have to say that IB is really more simple to use and voilĂ  !
You can try to have something done with Corel that would give it a similar
to Access front end tool for Linux (Like a port of paradox to Linux if not
already done). I think that you have to benefit from the synergies with
Corel and their Linux strategy. Just to let you know : I think that by 5
years Corel might become the Linux flavor of Microsoft (so buy stocks !!). I
would even go further and say that : it's great Dale Fuller made the
annoncement of the open interbase to boost the stocks before the Corel
acquisition because if not Corel would have put IB in it's Linux strategy
without open sourcing it.

And the final word of the day : Dear Markus, don't be afraid of the
decisions you will have to take for IB as you know the past errors and the
path to follow.