Subject RE: Oracle : IB
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
Hello, can you explain the difference between your example and an ANSI-SQL
outer join? AFAIK, neither "*=" used by SqlServer nor "(+)" used by Oracle
are standard SQL notations.
- In "Where" part of command is possible by put through tables
out the "ROWS" which are not content in the other table and in the result
this columns by the values "NULL" :
Select A.ID, B.ID..... From Tab1 A, Tab2 B
Where A.ID (+) = B.ID
Order By.....
Also, you said something that it's not new for Interbase:
- Oracle defines the indication signifying the physical address of the row
in DB for every table, it's so called RowID. The internal utility this
RowID is varied but
it can be used at common work.
The using of RowID is the most frequent in searching for duplicity and
its Delete
according to the scheme :
It seems that you don't know rdb$db_key. It's the raw record position.
While SqlServer has a RowID value that cannot be used directly by an
application (only by a driver, like an ODBC driver), Interbase can do the
same you posted:

Ruslan Strelba wrote in message <006c01bf722f$c19acbc0$020ca8c0@rust>...
>Use undocumented rdb$db_key column
>so you can use such statement
>from your_table c0, your_table c1
>c0.some_value=c1.some_value and
>Ruslan Strelba
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I agree the problem is that in IB there must be a self-join to do the trick
(whereas in Oracle no) so it's more convoluted, because any summary function
in the same SQL statement than rdb$db_key crashes IB instanteneously.

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