Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Interbase Culture and Open Source
Author Joseph Alba
>Standard marketing can only take us so far, we
>need case studies that prove that we are a contender in this
>space. When we can change this mindset in the industry companies
>will be wondering why they employ a full time DBA instead of just
>using InterBase.

Linux as an OS Kernel was an niche hobby. It was the free applications that
came with it (many of which eventually found its way to the kernel, like
networking, etc..). Free applications like Mail, XWindow, NFS, etc...

We should also remember this with Interbase.
Interbase should be remembered as two things:
1. Engine
2. Applications - case studies.

If we want to make Interbase have a big big user base, we should give the
new users a jump start. Thus, open source should not only concentrate on the
engine. Open source can even have an application counterpart.

I mean, we can have an open source component for
Accounting, Inventory, GIS, CAD, etc... applications which use Interbase as
an engine. (Any and all applications that can use Interbase as an engine).

Sure, you can say, but that is my proprietary bread and butter. This is not
for you.

Like in Linux, mail servers, connectivity components, even GUI's like
XWindow used to be multi-million dollar proprietary softwares. (Remember,
MSWindows was just a GUI but it is a billion dollar product). But those who
participated in the Open Source applications freely gave their time to give
Linux the application (cases) it needs.

It should be like this in Interbase. If Open Source evolves into
Applications, these will be the case studies that IB needs. And it no longer
rests simply on claims. It is there for all to see (and revise).

I think they are doing something like this over at the DBase community.

As the Engine source is not yet available, Open Source initiatives for
applications can even start today.

So, the Interbase2000 website can include:
Open Source Applications
- Accounting
- Fleet Management
- Sales/Contact Management
- Government

(just an example)

Joseph Alba