Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Disk Bandwidth was License Question
Author Tim Uckun
> > Which brings to mind two questions. First, shouldn't we fork
> > discussion threads when the topic wanders?
> >
> > Second, what can (should?) be done to distribute load across
> > disks?
> >

At the risk of sounding stupid...

If IB is able to split up databases if they exceed 2 gigs why not just
split up the database at arbitrary sizes and put different chunks on
different drives. I suppose what is really needed is the ability to specify
where the individual tables go so I can tune my database the way I want.
I.e If I use two tables very frequently I want to be able to assign them
their own drives. In the old days this was an easy thing to do because
everything was not in one file. I guess it would not be so bad to return to
the bad old days when every object was it's own file in some circumstances.
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