Subject Re: [IB-Architect] RE: UDF and null
Author Jim Starkey
At 10:38 PM 12/5/00 +1100, Mark O'Donohue wrote:
>Would java include a large footprint. The JVM's you want are provided
>independantly. Initially you only load them up if you want them, if it
>progresses that way (and I suspect it would ) then Java would become a
>more integral part of the system.
>How much extra code?

First, my recommendation would be for an integrated, embedded JVM
built as part of the base product for a couple of reasons. First,
you want explicit control over the implementations of the native
functions that backup the base classes to give an appropriate
sandbox. Second, it guarentees cross platform and cross version
compatibility (the Java byte codes are completely stable; base
class implementation is big time slippery). Third, it simplifies
the installation and configuration problems. There are at least
two public source JVMs and one with a license compatible with

For what it is worth, the Netfrastructure JVM is about 20,000 lines
counting the JVM, the class file handling crud, and all native
methods required to implement a reasonable set of base classes
("reasonable" in this case meaning "non-AWT"). The Netfrastructure
JVM, however, contains some goodies not present standard JVMs.
The line count, as I once told Diane Brown, includes both comments.

Jim Starkey