Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Forcing Interbase on Windows to use TCP/IP
Author Jason Chapman
I know this isn't the support forum, but I just wanted to clarify.

If you are supplying the full UNC path, then you are not using NETBEUI, but
infact your local database engine, just like using Paradox or whatever.
Apart from that, there has been a large discussion about using some kind of
alias system, I don't think there was a solid resolution, just a number of
possible solutions.


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Subject: [IB-Architect] Forcing Interbase on Windows to use TCP/IP

> >From what I can glean from the documentation and experimentation, the
> only way you can ensure that Interbase uses TCP/IP to connect to
> remote databases is to use the format:
> machinename:/drive-letter/databasename
> in the connect string. If you don't it seems to use NetBEUI, which is
> very slow. The problem with this comes when you try to open databases
> which are on a remote server. You can see the files from your local
> machine and you have the UNC name. However, it's not possible to get
> the full local pathname on the server remotely unless you have admin
> rights on that server because of the NT security model.
> This is a nuisance and means that you have to start thinking about
> installing extra services on the server just to do the name
> translation. Interbase is already running there, so it couldn't it do
> it? Or is it already possible?
> Jason Poynting
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