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Author Mark O'Donohue
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> Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 01:28:28 -0400
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>> Sent: Domingo 26 de Noviembre de 2000 12:15
>> I think the order of battle would be this:
>> 1. Change all engine .c files to .cpp files
>> 2. Clean up the million warnings
>> 3. Upgrade (i.e. replace) current exception handling
>> 4. Gradually convert major subsystems to objects.
>> I suspect that the first three phases would take under a week.
>> A little experimentation will suffice.
> That's an optimistic Wolf. About 1, changing extension of files to be
> recognized by the compiler as C++ won't be so slow. <g> The only problem is
> that AFAIK not all compilers use CPP as the extension, hope they are
> configurable. About 2, probably several problems will be caught immediately
> by the C++ compiler and the code changed easily but I expect that some of
> the warnings require thought. We want to eliminate the cause of the warning,
> not the warning itself. About 3, I'm surprised you think setjump/longjump
> can be replaced quickly by try/throw/catch... maybe I need experience with
> this task to have a decent estimation. About 4... better don't give an
> opinion.

Sometimes you just have to bite and start chewing hard.

Do we capture a snapshot and release a "before image" now? or just
start wading in?



(Jerk indeed - what a pleasant bedside manner)

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