Subject Re: [IB-Architect] New feature request (thread priority)
Author Jim Starkey
At 01:16 PM 11/25/00 +0100, Toni Martir wrote:
>I moved this from IBDI by Ann request.
>The feature request is to create a new transaction parameter option like:
>This will affect the thread created to process the sql statements inside
the transaction.
>I don't know if is best to set the priority for each sql statement.
>I think it's easy to implement (I'm studying Interbase source code now)
>The purpose is drastically improve database response time in time critical
production enviroments.
>I will explain why it's important to be implemented.

This is the bane of operating system scheduling algorithms. The problem
is this: A high priority threads get stuck behind a low priority thread
in a busy system never gets scheduled, and is effectively blocked. Unless
a thread can inherit the priority of a thread it is blocking, you are
likely to be very disappointed in the results.

Jim Starkey