Subject Re: [IB-Architect] re - ODS changes
Author Dennis Fantoni
Hi there..

Is there a SQL 92 standard syntax to get the first n rows?

If not, i agree that it would be best to "copy" the syntax of the databases
that allready has this feature.

I see no need not to implement features just because the features aren't
part of the standard yet.

On the other hand, a feature must not make interbase fail at executing sql92
compliant queries.

That is - extentions to the standard is okay - otherwise interbase will be
less usefull. We've allready got several non-sql92 features that i love and
it would be a big sacrifice to loose these just because they're not
mentioned in the standards.


Interbase should be able to easily run an application coded for sql92

An application coded for interbase optimization should not neccesarily be
able to run on another platform w/o rewriting the interbase specific parts.

A feature like top nn rows is so useful that if it is not part of sql92, it
should be implemented anyway especially if it can be done w/o wrecking sql92
compliant queries, which i think is the case.

Dennis Fantoni

C/S Developer ( Delphi & Interbase ) at Danasoft A/S -

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