Subject RE: [IB-Architect] re - ODS changes
Author David Berg
I think this is the right place. I'm also not sure if IB6 has a "TOP n",
but I know that we could really use it if it's not there. We're in the
process of rewriting a bunch of code to break handling up into groups of
records, and a "TOP n" records option would probably increase performance.

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From: Louis van Alphen [mailto:lja@...]
Sent: Friday, November 10, 2000 3:31 AM
Subject: [IB-Architect] re - ODS changes

Please forgive me if :
It has already been suggested or
This is the wrong forum for it or
Has nothing to do with an ODS change or
IB 6 already has it (I am still using IB5.6)


adding something to SELECT to request the maximum number of rows to be
returned by a query...

Thank you
L.. van Alphen

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