Subject RE: [IB-Architect] UDF Functions
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> From: dalton [mailto:dalton]On Behalf Of Dalton Calford
> Sent: MiƩrcoles 8 de Noviembre de 2000 10:38
> 1.) Was the source code for the UDF library that was included with IB 5,
> released to the CVS tree?

Are you writing about the "ib_udf" library? When I asked for it several
months ago, Brett Bandy (now gone) answered that it wasn't released. I would
like to read Chris Jewell's opinions.

> 3.) Is there a reason why the common udf's (or a subset of them) can not
> become part of the new version?

Is there a reason more headaches should be introduced? <g> Now, seriously
speaking: you know very well that UDFs currently lack context: they don't
know anything about character sets, for example. This is a huge
disadvantage. Remember that several people use IB on other charsets than
plain ASCII.