Subject RE: [IB-Architect] System table change
Author Griffin, Patrick J.


create table test1 (
field1 integer,
field2 numeric(9),
field3 decimal(4,2));

They are all integers, but

field1 gets a subtype of 0
field2 gets a subtype of 1
field3 gets a subtype of 2

Do I understand this correctly?


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From: Ann Harrison [mailto:harrison@...]
Sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2000 9:59 AM
Subject: [IB-Architect] System table change

I am considering making a short term change to the way
the sub_type field is used on numeric datatypes. The
change would define a sub_type of 0 or NULL as the native
type (short, int, int64, float, double). Sub_type 1
indicates that the column was defined as decimal. Sub_type
2 indicates that the column was defined as numeric.

When we make an ODS change, I'd like to add a column to
rdb$fields called rdb$precision, to hold, (surprise) the
defined precision. That will involve extending dyn and
a few other things.



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