Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Rebuilding foreign keys system indexes
Author Marcelo Lopez Ruiz
Nope, it's only meant as a checking tool. To drop a system index, you need
to drop the constraint which it is meant to support, and enforce the
constraint 'by hand' (triggers, etc.).

At least, in the current version ;-)

The tool will report identical indexes and indexes which are prefixes of
others; eg:

index 1: last name
index 2: last name, first name

This may or may not be something you want in your database; all the tool
does is report the situation.


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Subject: Re: [IB-Architect] Rebuilding foreign keys system indexes

> Hello, Marcelo!
> Marcelo Lopez Ruiz wrote:
> > > Also this will fix another problem when FK points to PK and thus there
> > > 2 or more indices (if there are 1 or more FK) on the same field.
> > >
> > There is a tool in the IB_Designer egroup that can check indexes and
> > this situation.
> And what it can do? Delete FKs? You can't delete FK index. If there are 2
FKs on the
> same field, there will be 2 indices on the same field.
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