Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Generator bugfix RFP
Author Ann Harrison
I would like to send this to the mers list and get it posted
to the various news groups (InterBase and Kinobi) if no one
has a problem with it.

A bug has been identified in the implementation of generators
which limits the number of generators that can be used safely
in a single database. Users should determine how many
generators they are using:

select max (rdb$generator_id) from rdb$generators

and consider any over the magic number to be suspect. Here's a
table of magic numbers:

Pre-V6 248 504 1016 2040
V6 124 257 508 1020

Any database that contains generators at or above the magic
number is suspect and should be taken off-line at once. Tables
that rely on those generators should be checked for data validity.
After the data has been corrected the database should be backed up
and restored to a larger page size if possible. All the suspect
generators should have their values set explicitly to a value
that corresponds to the corrected data before the database is put
back on line.